ConnectWise Security Modules guide

Security Modules required for your CrushBank API member

Below are the required security modules for the API member. They all need to have Inquire Level set to All

  1. Companies Module
    1. Company Maintenance
    2. Configuration - Display Passwords
    3. Configurations
    4. Contacts
    5. Manage Attachments
    6. Notes
  1. Project Module
    1. Project Contacts
    2. Project Headers
    3. Project Management
    4. Project Notes
    5. Project Phase
    6. Project Ticket- Dependencies
    7. Project Ticket Tasks
    8. Project Tickets
  2. Service Desk
    1. Close Service Tickets
    2. Merge Tickets
    3. Service Ticket- Dependencies
    4. Service Tickets
    5. SLA Dashboard
    6. Ticket Templates
  3. System
    1. Member Maintenance
    2. My Company
    1. Table Setup
      1. If you want to customize this the following three have to be set to allow access to these: Service/ Service Board, Company/ Company Type, Company/ Company Status
  1. Time and Expense
    1. Time Entry

Some additional security modules are needed if you are using these features:

  1. SmartClassifier
    1. Service Desk> Service Ticket
      1. Edit Level required- if you want to use our Auto Configuration Add and Delete Level's are needed as well
    2. System> Table Setup
      1. If you want to use our Auto Configuration Add, Edit and Delete Level's are needed 
  1. Documentation Request Workflow
    1. Service Desk> Service Ticket 
      1. Add and Edit Levels are required for both security modules
  2. Solve My Issue Functionality
    1. Service Desk> Closed Service Tickets
    2. Service Desk> Service Ticket Dependencies
    3. Service Desk> Service Tickets
      1. Edit Level is required for all three above
  1. Ticket Budgeter
    1. Service Desk> Service Tickets
      1. Edit Level required
  2. KBA Articles
    1. System> API Reports
      1. Inquire Level required
  3.  Summarization
    1. Time and Expense > Time Entry
      1. Add Level required