Setting up Crushbank Resolve Pod within ConnectWise

How to set up the CrushBank Resolve Pod in ConnectWise. This pod will automatically search within CrushBank when set up on a service ticket.

Before setting up the Pod, please reach out to and send us your ConnectWise URL and mention you are looking to set up the Pod so we can allow the connection on the backend. We will also provide the URL to set up the pod as this is client specific.

  1. System> Set up tables
  2. Under the column tables type in Manage Hosted API
    Manage Hosted API
  3. Click on + to add a new item
    Add new Hosted API
  4. Under Description name the Pod. We suggest CrushBank Pod or CrushBank Resolve.
  5. Under Screen, select Service ticket. This is where the Pod will be displayed. If you want it on more than one you can create a second Manage Hosted API and select the second screen
  6. For Origin enter
  7. For the URL please reach out to as this is client specific
  8. Make sure you select Pod and not tab
  9. Pod Height: 500 pixels (this is recommended by ConnectWise but you can make it as big as you want)
    CW Pod setup
  10. To add the Pod to the Service Ticket, open an existing ticket and click on the gear icon near the top right of the page (this has to be done by each user so it shows up on their service ticket)
    pod configuration
  11. You will have to log out of manage and back in to have the Pod appear
  12. View on Service Ticket
    CrushBank Resolve Pod