Adding the CrushBank Pod to your Service Ticket

Once your CrushBank Admin has set up the Pod in ConnectWise you will need to add it to your service tickets. 

  1. Open a service Ticket
  2. On the top right click on the configuration gear
    Pod config button
  3. Once that opens click on Pod Configuration
    Pod configuration button
  4. In the Not Displayed box select the CrushBank Pod. (The name could be slightly different as this is up to your CrushBank Admin)

If you do not see CrushBank Pod in the Not Displayed Box please reach out to your CrushBank Admin as it might not be fully set up. 

  5.  Then click on the top arrow to move it over to the displayed box
Pod set up

 6.  Once it moves over to the displayed box click save
CrushBank Pod displayed

 7.  Now the Pod is available on every service ticket
CrushBank Resolve Pod

If the Pod does not show up after setting it up you may have to sign out of ConnectWise then back in.