Outlook Email Ingestion

Allows you to ingest emails into your CrushBank library via an Outlook Add-in.

Often times, technicians will collaborate on an issue or ticket via email with other technicians or managers. The information within those email threads can be very valuable for other technicians when researching issues.

With CrushBank's Outlook add-ins, technicians can ingest email threads and their attachments on the fly into the CrushBank library.

  1. Installing the Outlook Add-in on a PC (beta)
  2. Installing the Outlook Add-in on a Mac (beta)

Please note: Only the following versions of Outlook are supported:


  1. Office 2021
  2. Office 2019 - Retail Version
  3. Office 2016 - Retail Version
  4. Office 365 Subscription Version


  1. Office 365 Webmail