ITGlue Document Import for sFTP Server

Part 1 – Exporting Data Out of IT Glue

You must first export your data out of your IT Glue instance before you can import it into         CrushBank. While this process will export all data (there is no option to export only documents), the import process will only import the documents and attachments and will link them to the Organizations that have already been imported into CrushBank via the API.

  1. Click on the Account menu option in the top menu of your IT Glue website. 

    ItGlue Account tab
  2. From the menu on the left, select Export Data (about half-way down)

    ITGlue Export Data
  3. When you click Export, you will be brought to the Export Data screen. You can simply click the green Start Export button to export everything, or you can choose to export an organization at a time. To do that, type the Organization name in the Export data for an Organization box and click the green Start Export button below that box. You should generally export all data, but if for some reason you only want a subset of your IT Glue data in CrushBank, you can export one Organization at a time.
  4. The full account export will take some time to prepare. You will get an email from ITGlue when it’s done, and the Export Data page on the website will update with a link to download the file.

    ITGlue Completed Exports
  5. Click the Download button and save the .zip file locally. 

  6. Follow the sFTP Data import 

Note: the zip file can't be encrypted when importing it into CrushBank