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Accessing CrushBank

CrushBank offers a variety of different ways to leverage its search console.

  1. Standalone Website
    1. Provides a full-page view where you can enter a Natural Language Query and also conduct a search by ticket. You can open a separate tab in your browser next to the tab where you have your ITSM loaded and use both tabs when working on a ticket. This is preferrable for technician who like to have a larger viewing area.
  2. Embedded Within your ITSM
    1. For ConnectWise, ServiceNow, AutoTask and Halo clients, CrushBank can be accessed within your ticket page where it will automatically show relevant documents related to the ticket you are working on. This is preferable for technicians who want to keep all the resources within the same page. Furthermore, this skips the step of having to write in the search query and / or copy and paste the ticket number as they would with the standalone website, however the viewing area will be smaller than the website.
  3. Chrome and Edge Plugins
    1. These plugins for each respective browser allow for the technician to remain on the ticket page within their ITSM and access CrushBank which will overlay in the top right corner of their page. This offers the same functionality as the standalone website where the technician can enter a Natural Language Query or search by ticket.
    2. Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/crushbank-extension/ohfebdhmgomjllakkebclnejnefhiblg
    3. Edge - https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/crushbank-extension/kemmmfekidbohdoocoppnpeajmpmjbjh