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Tips and Tricks for using CrushBank web version


  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) – The home screen does NOT use key word search. It uses concepts (subjects, objects and verbs) and makes decisions and inferences just like you do. You can do targeted search (specific words or phrases) but the more information in the NLP field, the better. If you find that your initial search was too broad, add a more complete sentence to give CrushBank a better chance to succeed. (i.e.- add the company name, a user or an application to the sentence)

  • Filters- The company filter eliminates all data from the search that is not tied directly to a company. This is a good second step should you find too much data from other companies in the results.

  • Shortcuts and Abbreviations- The NLP field will allow for shortcuts nicknames and abbreviations. The system has already learned a great deal of shortcuts and nicknames for your clients, and will improve over time.

  • Refresh Rate- Systems are updated regularly. All data should be captured in CrushBank the same day as it is entered in the system of Record (but not momentarily)

  • Searching vs Lookup- CrushBank is an obvious choice when you don’t know where to start. But even if you do (just looking something up) it’s helpful to go through CrushBank. The next person who does a similar search will benefit from you. (and you'll likewise benefit from others leveraging CrushBank for things they know that you don’t)

  • Supported Browsers for Web Version- Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox

  • Supported Browsers for CW Pod- Chrome, Edge and Firefox
  • Under which icon do I find my Information? (examples)
    • Configs– PSA/ Doc Mgmt. System
    • Documents– PSA/ Doc Mgmt. System
    • Tickets - PSA
    • CRM- PSA/ Doc Mgmt. System
    • Stack Exchange – Stack Exchange
    • IT Pubs- Microsoft Docs (limited)

PSA Examples: ConnectWise, Kaseya, ServiceNow, AutoTask

Doc Mgmt. System Examples: ITGlue, Confluence, SharePoint