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SAML Connection

Instructions for how to configure a SAML connection with Crushbank.

Step 1 - IDP Setup

  1. Login to your IDP and create a SAML 2.0 Connection / App.
  2. Add the following as the Single Sign On URL.
    1. Standalone CrushBank
      1. https://login.crushbank.com/login/callback?connection=TestConnection
    2. Crushbank within ConnectWise Manage
      1. https://connectwiselogin.crushbank.com/login/callback?connection=TestConnection
    3. TestConnection is a placeholder for the time being. You will update this value after we setup the connection on our end.
  3. Use the same URL above for Recipient URL and Destination URL.
  4. For Audience / Entity ID, use the following:
    1. Standalone CrushBank
      1. urn:auth0:dev-z1mw5vbm:TestConnection
    2. CrushBank within ConnectWise Manage
      1. urn:auth0:crushbankpod:TestConnection
    3. TestConnection in the above audience is just a place holder. You will need to update the value once we create the connection on our end.
    1. Name ID Format = unspecified
    2. SAML Assertion or Response
      1. The SAML assertion, and the SAML response can be individually or simultaneously signed.

    If you are using the CrushBank Pod within ConnectWise you will need to do this twice, one for the Pod and one for the Standalone

    Step 2 - Open a ticket with Crushbank to setup connection

    1. Send an email to support@crushbank.com with subject "New SSO Connection". Please include the following in the email.
      1. Identity Provider Single Signon Url
      2. Certificate (in PEM or CER format)
    2. With this information, we will setup the connection on our end and will then setup a call with you to walk through the integration and test.