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Ping Federate Connection

Connect Ping Federate with CrushBank for SSO

Register Ping Federate Application with CrushBank

  1. Select an appropriate Application Type.
  2. Get the Signing Certficate from the IDP in PEM or CER format
    1. https://documentation.pingidentity.com/pingfederate/pf84/index.shtml#concept_digitalSignatureSettings.html

If you are using the CrushBank Pod within ConnectWise you will need to do this twice, one for the Pod and one for the Standalone

Open Ticket with CrushBank to Create the Connection

  1. Send an email to support@crushbank.com and include the following:
    1. Signing Certficate
    2. PingFederate Server URL
  2. Once we process your request and setup the connection on our end, we will setup a call with you to walk through the SSO integration and test.