Friday, September 3, 2021

Summary of new features in CrushBank for this release.

CrushBank API

CrushBank has released a REST API allowing customers to leverage the power of CrushBank within their own programmable environment. Documentation for the current version of the API is found here.

If you are interested in using the API, please send an email to requesting access.

E-Automate Integration Filter

We now offer the ability to filter out specific service call types from your E-Automate integration. If you would like to exclude certain call types from your E-Automate ingestion, please send an email to with the list of the ones you would like to filter out.

Mobile Enhancements

CrushBank has made a few enhancements to the mobile version of the product to improve the look and feel. Changes include improved navigation menu and tile view. Try CrushBank in your mobile device today to see the changes.