Friday, September 16, 2022

Summary of new features in this release.

  1. SharePoint Permissions
  2. Documentation Request - Create Ticket

SharePoint Permissions

CrushBank now offers the ability to synchronize permissions between your SharePoint integration and CrushBank.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.26.39 AM

On the SharePoint integration form, you will see a settings section with an option to Use Permissions. If you would like to synchronize permissions, check the box and save the integration form.

*Note - Permission Synch requires that you give the CrushBank app full control

Reach out to for the updated permissions

Documentation Request - Create Ticket

CrushBank now offers the ability to create a ticket every time someone submits a Documentation Request 

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.30.49 AM

In the settings section of the company admin page, you will see an option to Create Ticket - Documentation Request. Checking the box will enable the configuration page for the feature.

*Note - You must select your internal company in order to enable this feature.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.32.48 AM

Once enabled, you will see a new link in the admin screen called Documentation Request- Workflow. Here you will configure this feature and select which board you want the ticket created on, the status of the ticket, and the summary of the ticket.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.35.21 AM

Once configured, all new Documentation Request responses will create a ticket in the option you selected.

For this feature to work the security modules for the API CrushBank user may need to be updated. 

1. System> Table Setup. Add, Edit, Delete and Inquire needs to be set to All.