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CrushBank Best Practices

Actions to engage more successfully with the CrushBank AI Engine



No escalation without 
using CrushBank
All Level 1 technicians need to make sure that they search and review historical documentation related to the ticket they are working on before escalating the issue
Analysis of 20 tickets 
over 60 minutes
This exercise conducted with a CrushBank professional will show you how CrushBank can help identify documents that would have helped resolve the ticket in under 60 minutes. 
Use of synonyms and 
synonym expansion
Work with the CrushBank team to come up with a list of synonym 
expansions particular to your organization. This will optimize your 
search results ensuring your techs receive the most accurate and 
relevant information for each search. For example, if your team 
called SharePoint “SP”, we want to capture that through a synonym
Reverse lookup – type in an IP address, phone number or license key Any concrete data such as IP, phone number, and license key should serve as an initial starting point to any investigation. This will bring back all related historical information related to the specific entity.
Make sure all successful Google searches go into 
Ensure that technicians are leveraging the CrushBank custom 
upload feature to quickly add links to the CrushBank library when 
finding information across the web that helps them resolve tickets.
Use a client portal where possible  Avoid using emails for the creation of new tickets as they add 
considerable noise (email signature, disclaimer, etc.) to the ticket 
data that interferes with the AI classifications and relevancy 
confidence when conducting searches in CrushBank. Using a portal 
for clients ensures the data is clean with minimal noise.
Encourage use of: "Documentation Request” button - Ensures that management stays on top of missing data requests to ensure that technicians always have up to date data to solve the issues they are encountering.
Use the “Was this helpful” button and Solved functionality - Quicker visibility for other technicians to beneficial documents. Allows tracking of which CrushBank documents resolved ticket issues.



If no good results, switch filter to Company = All Sometimes a particular company will not have enough historical 
information to draw on, so removing the filter allows a broader 
search for relevant content across all of your customers.
Use “Tile View” Recommended view, as it breaks down your top results by document type. Using List View will generally be very ticket heavy as tickets tend to represent the majority of documents in your CrushBank system. Once you switch to it, it stays as your default
In Resolve, ask a further question Allows you to drill down further into your original Resolve query.
Keyword search The original search conducted by CrushBank does not consider 
keyword phrases. For example, if you have an issue particular to 
Windows 2016 Server and type that in for a search, it will treat each word separately and find related results. To focus in on “Windows 2016 Server” specifically, you can add a keyword search by including the double quotes around the term. You can also use Boolean terms (AND, OR)