ConnectWise Custom Menu Setup

  1. Log into your ConnectWise instance   
  2. Go to System> Setup Tables


3.   Search the table “Custom Menu Entry” 

4.  On the next page, click on "+" to create a new Menu Entry

Custom Menu Setup1

5.  Fill out the required fields. Link is  

6.  You now need to add this new Custom menu to the security role you created for the CrushBank API

    1. System> Security Roles> Click on the Security Role you created for the CrushBank API> System> Custom Menu Entry (Customize)> Click on Customize> Move CrushBank to Allow Access to these. 

CrushBank Pod Instructions

7. Go to the Menu Location selected and the new menu option should be shown there. In the example below: the menu location is Service Desk and the Menu Entry Caption is "CrushBank"


8. Final View in ConnectWise

Custom Menu Setup