ConnectWise Custom Menu Setup

  1. Log into your ConnectWise instance   
  2. Go to System> Setup Tables

3.   Search the table “Custom Menu Entry” and click on it 


4.  On the next page, click on "+" to create a new Menu Entry

5.  Fill out the form. The image below shows an example:

6.  Add CrushBank to Custom Menu Entry for each security role

    1. System> Security Roles> Click on the Security Role you want to edit> System> Custom Menu Entry (Customize)> Click on Customize> Move CrushBank to Allow Access to these. 

CrushBank Pod Instructions

7. Go to the Menu Location selected and the new menu option should be shown there. In the example below: the menu location is Service Desk and the Menu Entry Caption is "CrushBank"


8. Final View in ConnectWise