API Ingestion

Summary of how to ingest data using the CrushBank API

CrushBank offers the ability to ingest data using our REST API. Using the documentation links below, you can ingest data into your CrushBank system.

The endpoints used to ingest data are the following:

  1. /api/Ingestion/v1/integration
    1. Allows you to create a specific integration linked with your source data. A successful response will return an id that you will use in the calls below to group your data by integration.
  2. /api/Ingestion/v1/ticket
    1. Allows you to ingest ticket related information including work notes and time entries.
  3. /api/Ingestion/v1/crm
    1. Allows you to ingest crm related information such as contacts or locations. Includes a properties parameter for key / value pairs.
  4. /api/Ingestion/v1/config
    1. Allows you to ingest config related information such as configurations or flexible assets. Includes a properties parameter for key / value pairs.
  5. /api/Ingestion/v1/documents
    1. Allows you to ingest individual documents.

Getting Started

  1. Request a token from the API using your CrushBank Guid and API Key found in Admin and call the following endpoint:
    1. POST http://externalauthentication.crushbank.com/authenticationtoken/authentication/external
  2. Save the token for all subsequent calls to create the integration and ingest data.
  3. Create the integration using the following endpoint and your authentication token above.
    1. POST http://api.crushbank.com/api/Ingestion/v1/integration
    2. You will get an id value as the response. Save this value as you will need it for every ingestion call you make.
  4. You are now ready to ingest data. Using any of the ingestion endpoints above for ticket, crm, config, or document, ingest your data into CrushBank using the id from the integration.

If you have been provided a test instance in our Stage environment please use the following URL's for testing: 

  1. https://stage-externalauthentication.crushbank.com/swagger/index.html
  2. https://stage-api.crushbank.com/swagger/index.html