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ADFS Connection

How to setup an ADFS connection with CrushBank

  1. Add the following as the Relying Party Identifier
    1. Standalone CrushBank
      1. urn:auth0:dev-z1mw5vbm
    2. CrushBank within ConnectWise Manage
      1. urn:auth0:crushbankpod
  1. Add the following WS-Federation endpoint
    1. Standalone CrushBank
      1. https://login.crushbank.com/login/callback
    2. CrushBank within ConnectWise Manage
      1. https://connectwiselogin.crushbank.com/login/callback
  2. Make sure the user who will be authentication has a valid email address that also exists in CrushBank.
  3. Map the following LDAP attributes to outgoing claim types
    1. LDAP Attribute Outgoing Claim Type
      E-Mail-Addresses E-Mail Address
      Display-Name Name
      User-Principal-Name Name ID
      Given-Name Given Name
      Surname Surname

If you are using the CrushBank Pod within ConnectWise you will need to do this twice, one for the Pod and one for the Standalone

Open a Ticket with CrushBank to Setup the Connection

  1. Send an email to support@crushbank.com with subject "New SSO Connection". Please include the following in the email.
    1. ADFS URL
  2. After we set it up successfully, we will setup a call with you to test your SSO integration.